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Howdy Partner!

If you are interested in having a pony at your next Party you've come to the right place.

CountryTime Ponies

Children's parties are our specialty.

We can accommodate small to large size parties and riders.

We also offer an Early Riding Lesson program, for young children (ages 6 - 10) that are not quite ready for professional riding lessons but want to learn more about horsemanship and riding.

To find out more, just select a menu item to the left and learn about the quality service we offer and most important; see the pictures of the Ponies!

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Hillsborough, NJ

A Family Owned & Operated Business, serving Central NJ, USA and the surrounding area, since 1996.

CountryTime Pony Rides - Boy on Pony - Pony Rides in NJ Pony Rides in New Jersey

Q: Do we pickup the poop?
A: Yes (more)

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"Have a Pony at your next Party"

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